Introducing AudioPen: AI-Powered Productivity Tool

Give yourself superpowers by trying it out

June 4, 2023

I’d like to introduce you to a tool I now use in both my work and personal life called AudioPen. This AI-powered tool records your voice and generates summaries of your thoughts, filtering out any stutters or unnecessary words. It’s perfect for creating elegant emails, preparing voicemails, or taking notes during meetings.

When using AudioPen at work, I often let it listen while discussing projects with coworkers. Afterward, the app provides a summary that serves as a task list which can be edited if needed. You can pause the recording if conversations go off track and easily copy-paste the output into task managers or project management tools.

Moreover, AudioPen allows you to add tags to your notes for better organization. The creator, @louispereira, adds new features every week making it an incredible game changer for productivity.

In my opinion, it would be amazing to have a feature that allows me to conveniently copy the transcript in Markdown format. This would facilitate the transfer of the transcript to Linear, the task manager I rely on for work projects.

I highly recommend giving AudioPen a try and sharing your thoughts on its effectiveness. Hopefully, this tool will boost your productivity just as much as it has mine!

P.S. You guessed it! This was written with the help of AudioPen.

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